BOOST your hashrate !!! - Flash the BIOS of your GPU

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BOOST your hashrate !!! - Flash the BIOS of your GPU

Post by Alzeboss » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:01 am

WARNING - to increase the hashrate of your GPU, I think this solution is the more difficult and the riskiest for your card

This post is just to inform you that this method exists

You can increase your hashrate by flashing your BIOS, but you will need to gather many infos on internet to be sure of what you re doing
I repeat you can damage your card if you don t do it properly.
I did it with my RX580 , and won 100 hash if I remember good, but I think I don't have enough knowledge to make a real tuto. Furthermore, the way to flash the bios depend of the model of your card.

You can find here an exemple :

Feel free to make and post a tuto here if you re a pro .

B2Bcoin lover 8-)

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