How to back up your wallet ?

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How to back up your wallet ?

Post by Alzeboss » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:20 pm


In case of your HDD failure, if you didnt back up your wallet, you way loose your coin forever !!! (it applies for all coins)

_For web wallet, you dont have to do it, the website will do it for you. Just keep your log in info safe

For Windows users:
For GUI wallet and CLI wallet (command line), on windows, your wallet should be stored here : C:\Users\YOUR NAME\b2bcoin
Just make a copy of your wallet (.wallet file) whatever you want : CD/DVD/USB/ ......
bqckup wallet.jpg
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On the GUI you can also save your wallet : in the menu > wallet > backup wallet
Choose a (safe) location and click "open" (little bug), it will save your wallet. Then put this file whatever you want : CD/DVD/USB/ ......

_For Mac and Linux users:
Make a copy of /users/%username%/b2bcoin for linux
Make a copy of /Users/%username%/b2bcoin for MAC
Put the copy on CD/DVD/..........

B2Bcoin lover 8-)

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