ERROR : "Failed to execute payment : transaction size is too big"

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ERROR : "Failed to execute payment : transaction size is too big"

Post by Alzeboss » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:16 pm

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If I understood good when you make a payment , this amount sent will be composed by transactions which came to you (payments received) , they re called "Inputs". If these inputs are too small compared to the amount you want to sent, there will be too many inputs and this message will be appear : "Failed to execute payment : transaction size is too big" .

So try first to increase fee of the payment. If it doesnt work, try to send smaller amount. Try smaller and smaller amount till it works.
Furthermore, I think Olivier will increase the minimum payout of our main pool when he will have time, so it will limit this error in the future.

here is an interessant conversation from ... too_large/:
Transaction creation failed - transaction too large - help I can't spend my DOGE! (self.dogecoin)

soumis il y a 3 ans * par noobirioblues shibe

So, I've been accumulating lots of small-ish transactions from faucets along with my larger chunks of DOGE in the same wallet, and now when I try to send DOGE in pretty much any amount, I get an error that the transaction is too large. The only way around this that I have found so far is to look for a specific amount that I received and send exactly that amount. This is a serious, serious flaw in my opinion, and I would appreciate any help in figuring out what to do about this so that I can send Dogecoins and not just receive them.

Thanks in advance for any help, shibes!! EDIT: I'm running the full Dogecoin-qt client v1.8 on a Macbook.

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[–]helraizrtechnician shibe 4 points il y a 3 ans

more info needed. which wallet client?


[–]noobirioblues shibe[S] 2 points il y a 3 ans

I have the full Dogecoin-qt client, 1.8 running on a Macbook Pro from 2012.


[–]keywordtipbotmagic glasses shibe 1 point il y a 3 ans

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[–]Tanuki_Fushibe 2 points il y a 3 ans


Well, transactions need to be included in a newly mined block and there is a limit on the maximum size of data that can be in the block.

A transaction is a set of inputs that get grouped together and form new outputs (usually the target address you are sending to and the remaining amount in a change address for which that your wallet knows the private keys). The old inputs are marked as spent (and gone forever) and those generated outputs are the now inputs for the addresses to which they were sent.

You can have 'almost' as many coins as you want in a given input, but if you have lots of tiny amounts then it can take many many inputs to add up to the number of coins you want to send. Each input that gets included in a transaction adds a little more to the transaction size.

What counts is the size (in bytes) of the transaction -> so more inputs tend to cost more as a fee -> and eventually it's just too large to include in a block -> that's what happened to you I expect...

So, the qt wallet will take all the inputs it can see on the blockchain for the addresses it knows the private keys to and make them appear as a nice logical singular balance and in general it does a good job of picking which inputs to use for your transaction -> but sometimes when there are lots and lots of inputs it's better to pick the inputs yourself...

If you turn on coin control (preferences or options or something like that) then on the send screen you will see a button to select inputs. Here you can select which inputs to use and see the size of the transaction (in bytes) and if you have some larger transactions -> by selecting a larger one to use up most of the total you want to send and then adding smaller ones until you cross the total you can probably get a size small enough to make a valid transaction.

For cases where there are lots of transactions leading to many small inputs we usually run separate solutions to merge the little ones into fewer inputs with more coins in each one (mining wallets/pools/exchanges) sometimes with scripts and sometimes custom software.

I don't know why we don't have automatic consolidation routines (merge tiny inputs into larger ones in the background) in the normal wallets, but there are people that want to make it harder to trace transactions -> and while there is a little merit in that approach it does lead to awkward situations like yours at times.

Hopefully that made sense...


[–]noobirioblues shibe[S] 1 point il y a 3 ans

Thank you very much, that totally makes sense. I looked in Preferences before for some kind of option like this and I must be blind because I didn't see it. :) From googling I see that this must be a problem with all cryptocurrency wallets, the "dust" issue. In the future I think I'll have to find an intermediary for my wallet payments or something, maybe a wallet on an exchange or something, so I can bundle the payments. Thanks for your help kind shibe!! +/u/dogetipbot all doge


[–]Tanuki_Fushibe 2 points il y a 3 ans

Glad it made sense (I'm never really sure if I explain things right).

Dust is an interesting thing -> in the past (long ago) we had an interesting attack on BTC with people sending transactions with lots of inputs so other people had trouble getting their own transactions included in the blockchain. That can be easily solved in practice by having a fee for a transaction (so over time it costs the mischievous ones and they eventually have to stop). The inclusion priority logic also helps, but that's an incomplete solution on it's own.

Most of the coins are based of the original core protocol of completely spending inputs to generate new outputs in a transaction, so it does affect most of the coins. It's not so much of a problem in the design, but rather the way people use it...

Having the protocol work this way gives sufficient flexibility to appease people with different viewpoints (and whether I agree with them or not, that's a good thing in the big picture).

The qt wallets are nice tools for most people, but they are designed for general usage (not high performance or tunable for specific cases).

You can certainly send coins to a different wallet to consolidate inputs -> probably also you can do it manually in your own wallet (make a new receiving address and use coin control to select the inputs you want to merge together). If you use an online wallet/exchange remember that you don't have control over the private keys so if something goes wrong it can be very very hard for you to get your coins back... (in general exchanges tend to frown on too many transactions coming in and warn you not to use them as a mining wallet - for multiple reasons).

If you have a node running, the easiest solution by far is to have a mining wallet that periodically sends new inputs with the number of coins you want automagically to the addresses in your hot (or cold) addresses.

You'll find the solution that works for you -> that's one of the great things about cryptocurrencies (outside the core protocol/blockchain, no one forces you to do anything a particular way or can stop you from tailoring your workflow the way that you want it to be...)

Have fun.

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[–]dogetipbotdogepool 1 point il y a 3 ans

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[–]noobirioblues shibe[S] 1 point il y a 3 ans

I really appreciate your help, I did in fact send bundles of about a hundred dust transactions at a time to an exchange wallet and then back to myself in a lump sum, so hopefully that takes care of the issue. I think you're right that having a sort of "mining" wallet (or in this case a faucet wallet) is the way to go, so that the dust doesn't cause this issue in the future. But now that I know how to choose which transactions are used as inputs for sending, that goes miles to help. Thanks very much for the help and the doge!! You're a real standup shibe!!


[–]much-wow-dogegiving shibe 0 point il y a 3 ans

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[–]sutlucshibe 2 points il y a 3 ans

Does the wallet ask for a transaction fee when it tells you the transaction is too large? Often the default fee will not cover "dusty" transactions and a larger fee is required to make it happen.


[–]noobirioblues shibe[S] 1 point il y a 3 ans

When I was having this problem, it never got that far. Thanks to Tanuki_Fu's help, however, I was able to choose the coins to input. I put together some bundles of faucet payments to send out to online services to send back to myself, though, and when I collected bundles of up a hundred or so "dust" transactions of 1-10 dogecoins, the fee for sending ended up being in the 20-30 doge range. But then I was able to send them all back to myself in one big payment, hopefully I didn't make the exchange mad! :)


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[–]CaptainDogeSparrowDoge of the Sea 1 point il y a 3 ans

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