Promote the coin !

Feel free to give your ideas/advices to make our coin better !!!
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Promote the coin !

Post by Alzeboss » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:02 pm

Hi !!
What should be done to promote the coin and to make it popular ?
What is planned for the moment ?
_a social media advertising campaign with bounty
_a bitcointalk advertising campaingn with bounty
_a lottery

Have you got any idea ?
If yes, write it here please !

B2Bcoin lover 8-)

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Re: Promote the coin !

Post by seenotaajs » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:56 am

I know that a lot of guys just try to get fast $ and move on, but at this stage I think coin doesn't need huge promos in needs some additional social development, because it hasn't yet achieved anything. At this stage it would be even better promotion to create B2B miner on mobile and make mobile wallet, just something like electroneum is doing, as there are not so many minable coins on mobile it would be much better advertising than actual spamming in Twitter/FB, etc. I must admit that I am not capable creating such mobile miner, but there are plenty of miners in store, i believe they can be "copied" and mobile wallet for our coin could be created, you could after that add some kind of quiz at that miner/wallet with small rewards system (for example name all b2b values, what is our purpose and what we try to do, etc - each question for example is 1 B2B coin reward) then you can add some random rewards in wallet - make transaction over 10 b2b coins, receive reward 2 coins, post us on twitter and get 10 coins, etc ( this kind of advertisement will reach much more ppl and much faster with huge increase in interest).

Hope I didn't bothered you too much, just my thoughts.


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