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UPDATE ! 17/08/2018

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:31 pm
by Alzeboss
TIPS from B2Bcoin!
If you want faster access to your coins, simply start the wallet connected to a remote daemon. To start the simplewallet (CLI wallet) with a remote daemon add this line:

For Windows users there is a couple of ways to do it...
Option 1: create a .bat file in the same folder as simplewallet with this text inside:
simplewallet.exe --daemon-address=

Option 2: Create a shortcut to simplewallet somewhere and rightclick the shortcut and choose 'Properties' and in 'Target' add --daemon-address= after simplewallet.exe e.g.
Target C:\PathToSimplewallet\simplewallet.exe --daemon-address=

Option 3: Start CMD and navigate to where you have simplewallet.exe and type:
simplewallet.exe --daemon-address=

For Mac and Linux simply start it in the Terminal with:
./simplewallet --daemon-address=