EXX exchange

For every exchange contacted, please write the status (contacted ...) / the cost / contact info
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EXX exchange

Post by seenotaajs » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:16 am

Questions from Them( as they are, no editing, just formatted for easier reference)/Maybe some of those are not questions - hard to understand from their email - no punctuation or numbering.

1)provide company registration information
2)contact person:
3)code inspection:
4)code security test:
5)whether tokens meet local issuing standards.
6)compliance with local laws?
7)data of the token
8)name of the token
9)a detailed introduction of tokens
10)trading code for tokens
11)the release date of tokens
12)the release address of tokens
12)GitHub URL
13)if there is mine pool, the and the largest circulation of tokens.
14)official block chain resource manager
15)any social media information of the token, such as official website, Twitter account or FB and so on.

technical data
16)consensus algorithm
17)secret key pair generation algorithm, address generation algorithm.
18)Chinese and English documentation
19)Chinese and English version of the wallet test report.
20)shining point of the project
21)the number of community, united laboratory, regular meetings and long-term planning.
22)Introduction to the operation of the project company.
23)PR plan of the company
24)The ongoing business of your company.
25)company’s technical route

when we will answer all of these I could send them answer.


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