Donations for the development

You will find here addresses where you can send coins to support our coin
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Donations for the development

Post by Alzeboss » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:46 pm

Because the development of our coin is mainly made with personal monney
Because there was no ICO
Because there was no premine
Because you love this coin and you want to support it
Because we all know that you're very rich :D

Here is 2 addresses where you can send coins, it will be very appreciated and helpfull to pay exchange listing fees, servers, hardware, eletricity ...

BTC: 1E8eqLxrR9GtkZBNW2hwL6MjLBhCiZdoqS
LTC: LTxYayXRs9Cm6rjfJKFh862GF7DgXecgx8

Thanks a lot !!!

B2Bcoin lover 8-)

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